Student Safety

The school places great emphasis on the safety of its students and seeks parental cooperation for such initiatives.


Driving in School Grounds

Please do not drive into the school grounds to drop off/pick up students unless you are on school ‘business’. 



Students absent from school for any reasons – parents please contact the school via the absence line (04) 569-5759, Ext 1 – before 9am detailing the absence.

Please also notify the school before 8.50am if your child/ren will be late, late students must sign in a the school office prior to going to class.


Patrolled School Crossing

Myrtle Street and Bloomfield Terrace crossings are patrolled daily by senior students and staff 8.30 – 8.45am and for 10 minutes immediately after school closes.  The Knights Road crossing and lights is also patrolled after school.



School policy advises that students under nine years of age should not cycle to and from school - approved safety helmets must be worn.  Bicycles are not to be ridden on school grounds.