History of Ss Peter and Paul School

Our School opened at the Western End of Andrews Avenue, Lower Hutt in 1855 – named then St Mary’s School River Hutt with one classroom and around 15 families attending.

The School continued to operate but with staffing and financial difficulties was compelled to close for a short time in 1874.

In 1878 the School re-opened called – Ss Peter and Paul School.

The school continued to be staffed by lay people until 1891 when the Sisters of Mercy took charge.  The school was destroyed by fire in late 1899 but disaster did not deter the Sisters.  A new building was erected on the same site by February the following year with 65 girls and 15 boys enrolled.

Ten years later, in 1909, the Sisters of Our Lady of the Missions established a Convent in Petone and took over the staffing of both the Hutt and Petone Catholic Schools.

Despite additions to the school in the early 1900s, the growth of the Hutt in the late twenties made it apparent that a new primary school was necessary preferably away from the business centre of town!

Thus a new school was opened in Knights road in 1929 – built by ES Knight, a ‘modern’ brick school with five classrooms, assembly area and shelters.

Following further roll growth and earthquake damage to the building in the early 70’s Bishop Snedden gave approval for plans to be developed for a new school on the site.

This new school opened in 1976 and was designed as three separate open plan areas with a target roll of around 450 students.  Girls continued to significantly exceed boys roll numbers due to the proprietors’ decision not to offer education to boys beyond Year 6.

25 November 1981 - Ss Peter and Paul School is no longer a private school administered by the Catholic Education Board but comes under the control and jurisdiction of the Wellington Education Board (now Ministry of Education) – a State Integrated School.

By 1999 the school had a teaching staff of 17+ and a high demand for enrolment.  All staff have been entirely lay teachers since the last Religious Principal , Sister Merle Hislop, left in 1986.

Further accommodation was added at both Junior and Intermediate level in 1999.

As enrolment pressures continued a number of additional classrooms/re-modernisation programmes and upgrading of playground facilities were addressed.

Today the school has predominantly modern facilities including:  18 classrooms; library and technology centre; astroturf field; adventure play areas; and modern classroom technologies.

Twenty three teachers, part time staff, Teacher Aides and administration staff cater for over 300 families and 485 students.