Gifted Kids Programme (GKP)


Gifted Kids is a New Zealand organisation governed by the Gifted Children’s Advancement Charitable Trust.  Gifted Kids provides students with academic enrichment, accelerated learning and creative extension in addition to social, emotional, and cultural support that matches their unique needs. The programme challenges students, and enables them to work with like-minded peers and specialist teachers.  Selected students spend one school day each week at the Gifted Kids unit with specialist educators.

At Ss Peter and Paul School, students in Year 6 and Year 8 are considered for the Gifted Kids programme.  Once selected by the school for referral, parents and teachers are required to complete a referral form and acceptance is then determined by the Gifted Kids Entry Selection Team.  Students for Ss Peter and Paul School who are accepted into the Gifted Kids programme attend GKP at the Rata Street School GKP Unit.

Further information on Gifted Kids and the GKP is available on their website -