Catholic Integrated School


Established:                    1855 (present site in 1929)

Roll Range:                        430 to 485 students
                                            Boys – Yr 1 to Yr 6
                                            Girls – Yr 1 to Yr 8

Decile Rank:                       9


The students enrolled at Ss Peter and Paul School reveal some-thing of the way in which the Gospel infuses every culture and aspect of society. The roll makeup reflects the rich diversity of the multi-cultural community in which the school is centred.  School enrolment, in the main, encompasses the Parish boundaries of Ss Peter and Paul and St Martin de Porres in Avalon.

The students are predominantly from Catholic families (95%) in keeping with the school’s integration agreement.



Ss Peter and Paul School stands for:

  • enriching education     -     Whaia te Matauranga hiranga ake
  • enthusiastic children     -     Akiaki Tamariki ngakau koropupū
  • Catholic values     -     Whaitikanga katorika



We will: 

  • be an active Catholic community.
  • nurture the holistic development of each child.
  • provide quality learning experiences.
  • provide quality support for staff.
  • foster a safe and supportive environment.
  • honour the spirit of the Treaty of Waitangi.
  • meet our regulatory undertakings.



Our children will:

  • become enthusiastic lifelong learners in pursuit of their potential.
  • be creative, energetic and enterprising.
  • recognise and value our bicultural partnership of Maori and Pakeha.
  • recognise and value the contribution of all cultures.
  • be confident to meet life’s challenges and pursue their dreams.
  • care for the land and environment.
  • live lives that demonstrate their Catholic values.





 Our children will be encouraged to value:

  • Family and Faithin a sense of belonging, loyalty & commitment
  • Respectthemselves, others & human rights
  • Diversityas found in our different perspectives, cultures, languages & heritages
  • Excellenceby aiming high & by persevering in the face of difficulties
  • Equitythrough fairness & social justice
  • Integritybeing honest, responsible, compassionate & acting ethically
  • Ecological Sustainabilitycaring for our land & the environment
  • Community and Participationfor the common good
  • Curiositythinking critically, creatively & reflectively



 - Curriculum and Learning

 Every student:

  • leaves Ss Peter and PaulSchool with skills and competence to continue learning confidently
  • at Ss Peter and PaulSchool achieve at or above the national norms in Literacy.
  • at Ss Peter and PaulSchool achieve at or above national norms in Numeracy.
  • leaves Ss Peter and PaulSchool with Catholic values and positive attitudes.



The Board shall tke all reasonable steps to ensure that:

  • The school is managed, organised, conducted and administered for the purposes set out in this Charter.
  • The school, its students and community, adhere to the principles and achieve the goals set out in this Charter.
  • The Board of Trustees of Ss Peter and PaulSchool accepted this Charter as its undertaking to the Minister of Education.


Chris Byrne
B.O.T. Chairperson
Ss Peter and Paul School