Board Of Trustees

Our Board works on behalf of all stakeholders and is accountable for the school’s performance.  It places emphasis on strategic leadership, sets the vision for the school and ensures that it complies with legal and policy requirements.

The Board works in partnership with the Principal, the School Leadership Team and staff for the benefit of our students.  Each (Board and Staff) have their respective roles and responsibilities but are dependent on working cooperatively with the other to be able to carry out their responsibilities effectively.

Enhancing student achievement and Special Catholic Character are the main foci of the Board.


Our Board

Elected Trustees

Chris Byrne (Chairperson)
Helene Doyle
Genevieve Greally
Grant Yarrall

Proprietor's Representatives

Father Patrick Bridgman
Tanya Wilton
Rachel Jefferson


Kay Tester

Elected Staff Representative

Kirsty Voller


To contact the Board of Trustees please contact the Board Secretary, Margo Windle, at the School Office – 04 569 5759.