Arrival / Departure

Drop Off

Classrooms are open for students from 8.15am daily – if you require an earlier drop off, please discuss this with the Deputy Principal (conditions will apply).


Pick Up

Picking up after school – all students will be picked up by 3.10pm daily (20 minutes after school finishes).   Supervision is not available after this time.

Students waiting for Parents/transport will wait in the covered walkway. (This is a safety requirement).


Leaving School Grounds

Students are not permitted to leave grounds until end of school day without specific direct approval of a Senior Staff member.  Parents must ‘sign out/in’ their child at the school office when taking them from school early or for appointments etc.


Our neighbours opposite the school in Myrtle Street (Lighting Direct and Wholly Bagels) request that their carparks not be used for your convenience, particularly after school.  Thank you for respecting this.